Lockdown 3 (Happy Holidays!)

New day, new press conference, new rules! This upcoming next lockdown will prolong the lean period – we’re closing our doors again after a mere ten days of business in november and december. The most recent news.

Foto von Anna Shvets von Pexels

Open – closed – open – closed …

Admittedly – it is becoming confusing as hell. Starting December 26th we’re once again closing down our rehearsal rooms until further notice due to the new curfew regulations.

We are cancelling all active bookings and reservations. As last time we are refunding all payed sessions 100% current Abo-bookings will be refunded and topped up to you customer account for further use.

Since there is yet again no legal groundwork for our re-opening after this lockdown #3 we currently have no perspective as to whether or not we will be re-opening after the holidays, nor can we provide a concrete date for new bookings. We’ll make an effort to keep you all posted in these ever changing times, of course!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions concerning bookings, refunds and the general situation via email.

Happy Holidays!

For the „successful year“ 2020 all that remains is for us to wish you a little off-time and a couple of contemplative days in these hard times!

We do hope for the best in the upcoming new year and are happily awaiting refreshing sounds to be heard in our halls again soon!

Stay safe, stay positive!
Your #TeamKlangkellerei