Ansicht des Proberaum 2

Opening of Rehearsal Room 2 on Sat, 9th

According to new regulations by the authorities we are allowed to re-open Room 2 for up to two people at the time. Find information about restrictions and conditions in the article below.

Starting on Saturday 9th of May we are opening our Rehearsal Room 2 to individual musicians and duos. We accept bookings from today, 3 pm. Our six-week-lockdown is formally ending, if only partially for now. Due to new regulations we are currently not able to offer rehearsal rooms for bands with three or more people because the provision stipulates a minimum area of 10m² per person.
Also we have to postpone further information about when this is going to change to after the next governmental provision.

The Austrian Wirtschafskammer interprets the situation as follows:

Für Vermieter von Proberäumen: sicher Betriebsstätte mit Kundenverkehr, daher 10m²-Regel ein Hindernis, da die vermieteten Proberäume mit einer Durchschnittsgröße von 20-30m² ein durchschnittliches Bandensemble (4-5 Personen) nicht zulässt [sic!]. Bei kleineren Ensembles oder Einzelprobe natuerlich [sic!] zulässig,insoweit Begegnungszonen vermieden werden.

For single musicians and duos we plead that you:

  • wear a mask over mouth and nose at all times
  • keep your distance to other people
  • wash / desinfect your hands prior to your rehearsal

when rehearsing within our premises.

For your safety we will provide hand sanitizer and reserve for some time inbetween rehearsing sessions to clean and sanitize the facilities. Please, bring your own masks – we will provide for masks while stock lasts! Thank you for your co-operation and your enduring interest in our services!

See you around!
your Team of Klangkellerei