Booking System goes LIVE

We overhauled our booking system completely with our new partner VENUZLE and proudly present a formidably convenient new system! It is now live!
Over the course of a couple of short clips we’d like to present the basics of it – Episode One’s premiere airs LIVE on YouTube: 27.06.2019 13:15

Our fully equipped rehearsal rooms are now easily bookable via our homepage – simply register an account and book rehearsal sessions now!

Follow the menu option “Rehearsal” or the direct link to reach our VENUZLE booking widget in order to view all available hours, register an account and book. More details can be read about in our FAQ section and many, if not all questions should be answered by our video show!

Please direct any questions and your feedback at our contact form, we’ll happily get back to you!

All new Accounts registered until July 31st 2019 will get a bonus of two free hours in our rehearsal rooms, redeemable with your first payed booking of over three hours!