Update!? & Open Invoices from March

A couple of requirements concerning our rehearsal rooms will (maybe?!) change with the end of May. We’ll (maybe?!) bring you up to date.

What’s next?

Alright, the title gave it away: We know jack shit about what’s next. We all know from a press conference that things are changing with the next month. But we can’t tell you what exactly will be legal again by then. We are holding out and still hoping for a clarifying statement by our branch reps. All we can do really is to promise a consolidated update once we obtain relevant info on the new terms and conditions regarding our rehearsal rooms.

(Details for nerds …)

The new regulations only specifically appeal to the live events branch and apply to live events and the audience situation. As we do not in a legal sense host events but rent out space, we currently have no legal certainty concerning the assembly of people within our facilities or the operation of rehearsal rooms in general. Unfortunately so far there is not even a reliable legal interpretation of what the impact of the new provision might be on our specific branch of business by our representatives. For the time being we’ll just have to deal with this state of things. Once again, we apologizes for the inconvenience and hope for an early update on the matter. Until then the moste recent set of rules for hygiene and social distancing apply:

  • 10m² / person in a room
  • 1m (or a little baby elephant) of distance between people
  • wear a mask
  • wash and / or desinfect your hands regularly

We’re providing Handsanitizer and desinfectant for surfaces – at your disposal.

Open Invoices from March

Maybe you noticed – we did not give out invoices for any sessions during March. With the sudden shut-down we had a lot of other things on our minds and postponed that until now. With us opening, well … a little bit? … we are rolling up the sleeves and hitting the books again. However, in order to support you, we want to help out anyone who really need their money at the moment and offer payment of open items from march over an extended perios of the next three months.

We’ll get in touch with all our clients personally via mail and will happily try to find individual solutions to the issue with everyone individually so nobody has to overstrain their wallets in this dire situation. As usual we’re open for suggestions, your questions and constructive feedback, so please – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We hope to see you all very soon again!
Your Team of Klangkellerei