Trip to Belgium, Day 4

Hitting the road again, we got up early to drive back to our flight from #Amsterdam #Shiphol.

Early – damn early – we started our journey to Amsterdam’s famous airport with our little Dutch huurauto, trying to avoid traffic.

Due to the – unexpectedly – calm roads and a smooth return of the car (at the still closed return desk) we had lots of time to enjoy the breakfast package we got from our hotel and bum around at the gate, before a few hours later it was time for boarding.

Unfortunately, a technical problem occured and while everyone was about to step up to the plane: Broken tire had to be changed and we were hauled back to the gate. -.-

Even more annoyingly, when we boarded for the second time, one passenger was missing and could not be found, so his or her luggage had to be unloaded before we could head off, with 1,5 hours of delay.

After all that we truly enjoyed the nicer weather in Graz and the resulting view from the cabin.