Subscriptions & Collective Invoice

We’re happy to announce two new practical features within our Booking Widget!

The “Abo” is a subscription feature that let’s you plan and reserve regular rehearsal sessions way ahead. Supplemented by the new option for a monthly collective invoice your rehearsal sessions at Klangkellerei should become even more convenient. We put all the info and a little walk-through together for you below.

“Abo-Booking” – Subscriptions

The new feature “Abo-Booking” is the easiest way yet to plan and reserve a room for recurring, regular sessions. Add a monthly collective invoice and forget about all the bureaucracy!

A subscription can be configured just like a single session in our booking widget: Simply click on your preferred starting time in the reservation calendar, then choose the option “Abo konfigurieren(see Image 1).


Image 1.: Hit “Abo konfigurieren” in order to arrange a recurring session

In the settings you can adjust the total duration of your subscription by setting a starting date and an end date for your sessions.

In this example we’ll set it up for a total time of six months:

  • Nov. 11th, 2019 – May 9th, 2020

You can set the duration of each individual session in steps of 30 minutes, based on the time of day you picked in the calendar earlier. In the example we’ll set the regular session to:

  • saturdays, 3 pm – 5 pm
Image 2: Setting up the subscription

After confirming your setting with “Weiter” you can see a summary of the subscription and a list of all possible sessions ( see Image 3) within the parameters of your day and time preferences (see Image 2 again).

Here you may choose to deselect a number of individual sessions from your subscription. This way you can easily factor in events, such as planned gigs, vacations etc. that you already know of.


Image 3: Summary of your subscription with the option of deselecting individual sessions.

The total sum for your subscription is automatically calculated from the amount of booked sessions, considering your special rates and discounts where applicable (see Image 4).

The same options are available for single sessions and subscriptions when it comes to payment methods. Simply settle for your preferred method of payment and continue with the booking request. In the next step we will check your request and green-light it asap.

Image 5: Total price of subscription and summary of booked sessions

The subscription may be inspected at any time by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the widget (red arrow 1). Under “Meine Abos” you’ll find a summary of all your subscriptions (red arrow 2). In the summary (Abb. 6) you can retrieve:

  • the total duration (“Abo-Zeitraum”)
  • session time (“Termin”) of the subscription
  • booked room (“Venue”) ,
  • status of your booking request

Furthermore you may expand the individual sessions of your subscription by clicking on “Details”.

Image 6: Summary “Meine Abos

In the detailed view you may check up on individual session during your subscription and their status. 

This is where you can easily cancel individual sessions. Whenever your drummer breaks his arm or your guitarist wasn’t particularly careful with the kitchen knife again, you might want to skip a few sessions, without cancelling the entire subscription. Please, make sure to do so on time.

If you wish to reschedule a session, simply cancel it in your subscription options  – don’t forget to book a new date as a single session!

Image 7: Detailed View of your subscriptions – “Meine Abos” – with all individual sessions

Collective Invoice

As a special service we will be offering a monthly collective invoice option.

Whether you booked a subscription, single sessions or a mixture of both: From now on you may request a convenient collective invoice at the end of the month instead of many individual ones.

Drop us a line via Email if you want to change your billing to a regular monthly interval. You may switch by the end of the month.