New Rate: “Single” [FAQ]

Designed for single instrumentalists and duos our new “Single Rate” unlocks reasonably priced rooms for practising your voice or instrument!

  • Single Rate: 7,50€ per hour

Who is eligible?

One-person-bands: Instrumentalists and vocalists who will be practising alone or in a maximum of two people.

Can I use the Single rate, but also have a band practising?

Yes. Please let us know which rate applies to each rehearsal in your “Reservierungsanfrage“. We will charge individually, depending on group size for each rehearsal session.

How do I change my rate to “Single”?

  • Registered Customers: In order to change your rate, please contact us via Email so we can change your account’s setting from standard rate to Single rate.
  • New Customers: Please include a short statement in your registration form during the registration, if you will be practising mainly solo.

Is this a permanent rate?

Nope. The Single Rate is a virtual booking of a smaller room – since that room is still under construction, we are offering other rooms for the price of the small room. This rate will be available until the completion of Proberaum 4 – single practising room and is subject to change or discontinuation at a moment’s notice.

Additional Information:

It is nonapplicable to past bookings. In case of fraudulent use or wilfull violation of terms the customer will be charged the full price for all past bookings automatically and will be excluded from future access to this rate.