EDU-rate FAQ

Teachers, students, apprentices (and many other trainees) may now rehearse at our new educational rate for the upcoming winter semester 2019/20 and set up their account for the EDU-rate, which grants a 25% discount on all our standard rates for rehearsal rooms.

[FAQ] EDU-rate

We collected the most frequently asked questions concerning our new rate below.

What is the EDU-rate?

The EDU-rate is an autonomous 25% discount off of our standard rates for rehearsal rooms and works independently from offers for special weekdays and times of the day. The educational rate replaces the universal standard rates for all elligible accounts for the period of the ongoing term and applies to all bookings.

The EDU-rate…

  • … aids people in training with a lower income financially granting a possibility to rehearse for less.
  • … grants teachers access to moderately priced rehearsing- and class rooms.
  • … helps out everyone in training just a little bit! 🙂

Who may switch to the educational plan?

  • Trainees: Students, evening class students, students of a university (of applied sciences), collages, academies, civil servants / recruits and apprentices
  • Teachers: Federal schools, Universities (of allpied sciences), conservatoires.
  • Basically anyone who is in training full-time or a convincing majority.

How can you switch to the educational plan?

  • If you’re not yet a customer: Send us an email with your request – we’ll get back to you asap! During a short appointment we will open up your account fill out the forms and hand you over a key chip – so you can rehearse on EDU-rates right from the start!
  • If you’re already a customer: Send us an email with your request, ideally containing a valid verification of your training or teaching credentials.

Kicking off with the activation of the EDU-plan, the reduced rate is applied to all new bookings within the upcoming semester.

I’m in training:

Is my training required to be within the field of music?

Nope. Our EDU-plan targets at anyone in training or teaching, no matter the field.

I’m a full-time student/apprentice, am I eligible for the EDU-rates?

Yes. If you’re not yet of legal age, we need your legal guardian’s consent for the creation of an account within our booking widget. Please, contact us for details.

I’m a full-time student but have a side job, am I eligible for EDU-rates?

Yes. With your valid student ID you may swap to the EDU-plan anytime for the ongoing semester, no matter how much you work on the side.

I do avocational university extension courses or other adult education (Wifi, Volkshochschule, etc.) on the side, am I eligible?

No. If you’re actually in a payed full-time job the EDU-plan is not exactly for you. Please refer to our other offers and special rates.

In my freetime I take music lessons, am I eligible for EDU-rates?

Probably no. If your full-time job is actually a payed occupation, the EDU-rates do not apply. Please refer to our other offers and special rates.

I’m a teacher:

I want to rent rooms as a private music teacher for my teaching, does the EDU-plan apply to that?

Basically yes. We will offer a different rate for recurring music lessons (for teachers) in the future. Please contact us directly about your lessons.

I’m a teacher in a feder school, collage, university (of applied science), academy, etc. and want to practise my instrument. Do EDU-rates apply?

Yes. As a teacher you may register for the reduced EDU-rates with your service card (or similar) for private use of rehearsal rooms.

Can I use rooms within the EDU-plan for my teaching as a teacher in a feder school, collage, university (of applied science), academy?

Yes. Given the purpose of the teaching is somehow related to sound, music and instruments you may rent rehearsal rooms within our EDU-plan.