#StorySunday, Training in Belgium and Other News

We’re back – and preparing for a couple of updates to the #Studio #construcion #blog on our website over the upcoming weeks!

Firstly and most importantly: A lot of progress was made since last we posted. Planning, prototyping and construction have taken huge leaps forward and hell – we are SO ready to spam the blog with all the imagery we took of it! 😀

Processing all of those pics we figured it would be cool to get some older material out there as well – which is why we’ll send a small series of posts online every other sunday from now on, starting next sunday.

Captioned #StorySunday we will summarize processes for different areas in the construction size as an addition to the (mostly) chronological #construction blog!

In other news: we are heading to Belgium this week to meet up with Stefan Voortmans and his team from Variphone International. We are very excited about visiting the workshop where they craft their excellent custom In-Ear pieces. We will also be working on understanding the details of the products as part of our three-day training in their facility in Peers!

See you on sunday!