Did you see what I saw? #PunIntended. Four lads and lasses strong we threw out the rotten wood – one, two tree! #studio #recordingstudio

September 09th 2014:
We worked on the ‚deforestation‘ in the halls of Klangkellerei. Three or four  times we packed the Iveco Deli full with timber residuals in various states of decay.

For a start: We’re sorry that the „after“ pictures look a lot like the „before“ ones. A Problem with the camera, image quality got worse and of course the fact that we had not had a lot of time to clean up for the shots doesn’t help the overall impression much. If smell-o-graphy had been invented, the difference would be somewhat obvious…

Ladies‘ Restroom:



Fresh start at 5 o’clock in the morning (yeah) we started preparing the bulky waste board wood and the rest of the parquet from the „lounge“. Around 7 am we already had loaded up the truck till the top for the first time, sending it for the landfill. In the meantime we carried up the rest of the wood waste from the depths of the basement…



… and after the ‚deforestation‘

We were very happy to see some famous faces amongst our volunteers – special guest „Sir Dadukles Prime“, singer of (in)famous group Klynt was here to help and tear down and carry up some stuff for us! A little later we found out where he took the kind of energy that makes you swing a heavy hammer with a breathing mask on after a night shift with the Red Cross – directly from hell!
But see for yourself!


This way Dadu added another little artefact to our weird collection of … collectibles. By accident („Oh, yet another hollow wall? *knockknock*) we discovered a little kitchenette (model: meth kitchen) that had been covered by dry-wall just right after use as it seemed (we found dishes, some soap, a few rugs, etc. Like it was just walled in until they had time to clean it up … -.-) It’s at this point that we officially hate the tennants that are responsible for this idiocrazy…

Long Hall:

View from South to north


In the end it took us a little over six hours to tuck all the wood, another load of residual waste and many, many barrowloads of parquet pieces up the stairs and into the truck… This was, as we like to see it, a formidable point in time for a hard-earned lunch! And again, nobody picked the mushroom dish…. strange.

The Great Hall:


Miscellaneous hallways:

Another rare guest: Rest In Fear’s very own Roman swings by after work is done.
The stairways to the restrooms
Entrance stairs. In the right-hand hallway there is the door to control room 3